How To Find the perfect underwear- From lingerie to Shape wear

I think at some point every female reaches a place where they need to know how to find the perfect underwear. They may get a little confused with so many options for things like garter belts, lingerie and shape wear. 
But the questions don't stop there. The mysteries of "women's undergarments" can be a bit daunting. At least for this little tomboy they were. So, If you can relate, I got you covered. 
In this article we're gonna dive into everything relating to what goes on fashion wise in the under garment department.
Everything from bralettes, garter belts, stalkings and even some amazing shape wear.
I hope some of these help to give you the confidence you deserve and just add that extra layer of sexy elegance to any outfit. 
how to find the perfect underwear

how to find the

 perfect underwear: Lingerie 

The trick to wearing lingerie under your clothing is to make sure it doesn't have too much going on. You want a seamless look and feel to it.
For example a heavily lace design will show thru a silk blouse or garters may not look good under a tight skirt, I would go for a loose flowing skirt. 
Also, now a days they make so many bodysuit options that can be worn like a regular top.
I love this option because it sorta hugs you in all the right places and just feel so sexy under your outfit and no one can even tell your in lingerie till you decide to show the lucky ones. 

sexy body suit 

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"agent Provocateur"

lingerie brand

Designed by Sarah Shotton, Agent Provocateur's lingerie is made to flatter all body types, and with a wide range of styles to choose from, you can find tons of option to wear under any outfit.
Whether you're looking for a lacy thong to wear under your little black dress or a sexy balconette bra to show off in your favorite tee.
Their lingerie will hug your curves and make you look and feel amazing. 
For a sexier look try adding one of their suspender belts to a thong in a sheer black fabric. A classic that never gets old.
 Agent Provocateur has the most delicate and beautiful designs.
It will make you feel like a true woman. 


agent provocateur

how to find the perfect underwear

"le perla"

lingerie brand 

Le Perla is my personal favorite lingerie brand. They really can do no wrong.
While they are definitely on the pricier side making them more of investment pieces you will not find better quality and attention to detail than Le Perla. 
Oh, and the fit of every piece is to die for!
La Perla are also not newcomers to the undergarment scene, having been founded in Italy in 1954.
This brand is widely known for their luxury lingerie but they also make swimwear and let me tell you their swimwear is just as amazing as their lingerie.
Thanks to their attention to detail and high quality materials, Le Perla lingerie is delicate and will elevate any daytime outfit or romantic night in.
If you do end up treating yourself to a few "Le Perla" pieces you will be set on the question of  how to find the perfect underwear. You will own it! Lucky you!


le perla

how to find the perfect underwear

"fleur de mal" lingerie brand 

Fleur De Mal has quickly become another lingerie brand I really love. Because they are extremely affordable and have such sexy designs. 
This brand were founded by designer Aline Morrison in Montreal, Canada. I find the unique selling point they have is the focus on creating sexy underwear that looks great under clothing
The designs are both elegant and naughty, with a focus on showing off the woman's curves. With materials of the highest quality, and the craftsmanship is impeccable, you really cant go wrong with their pieces. 
Resulting in a lingerie brand that is both stylish and sexy, and which has something for everyone. 


fleur de mal

how to find the perfect underwear- lingerie

how to find the perfect underwear:

seamless Panties and bras

So let's get into normal underwear now.
The thing with underwear is you don't want it to appear like you have any on but you want to feel covered, and that can be a tricky business. 
Here I've included two brands that do just this. They are seamless and just invisible under clothing. I use these pieces when I wear silk or tight fitting dresses. 
If you haven't switched to this type of underwear now is the time because, I promise you wont regret it. It's a total underwear game changer. 

The seamless

sexy pantie

When it comes to panties the main key here is you want a fit that doesn't give you panty lines. 
It is a major fashion faux-pas to see the line where your panties hug to your bum.
Dont be this girl. Get seamless panties.
These ones here by skims are the best I've found. Keeping your bits covered while no one will ever know. 
Totally invisible and they come in different shades so you can truly hide them from the worlds eyes.

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the "negative underwear" brand 

Ok, are you are still asking yourself "how to find the perfect underwear"? Look no further for your seamless options. The Negative underwear brand has it covered. 
Negative underwear is so revolutionary that they have created a type of underwear that has been specifically designed to minimize the appearance of panty lines. 
They are typically made from a high-tech fabric that is both breathable and smooth, and have a seamless construction that ensures they will lay flat against your skin.
This means that you can wear them under even the tightest of clothing without having to worry about those telltale bulges or lines.
If you're looking for sexy panties that will give you a confidence boost, negative underwear is the way to go.


negative underwear

lingerie underwear and shapewear

skims understands bras

When it come to underwear I feel that skims has the monopoly.
They just know what they are doing.
If you haven't tried any of their pieces I would snag a few and just see for yourself. 

skims sheer bralette

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skims underwear

Skims underwear comes in sizes that work for any body shape.

They have all different colors so you can find pieces that match your skin tone exactly. 

Because there is nothing worse then a bright colored underwear line showing thru your white pants. 


skims underwear

how to find the perfect shapewear
how to find the perfect underwear

how to find the perfect underwear

What is shape wear?

Shape wear is a type of clothing that is designed to give you a slimmer, more toned appearance.
Often it can be made from different materials, such as Lycra, nylon, or spandex.
Amazing shape wear can be worn under almost any type of clothing, from everyday wear too formalwear. 
It normally comes in black or skin tones. So its even less noticeable under your clothing. 

when to wear

shape wear

There's no hard and fast rule about when to wear shape wear.
Some women like to wear it all the time, while others only break it out for special occasions.

If you're new to shape wear try starting with shorts or leggings. 
These can be worn under any type of clothing, from jeans to dresses, and will help to smooth out your silhouette. 
They also have some that target specific areas like tummy or thighs.

shape wear that works

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skims shape wear

Skims shape wear is a new player in the shape wear industry, but it has already made a big splash. Becoming a go-to brand for celebrities and everyday women alike. 
The company was founded by Kim Kardashian West, and it offers a variety of shape wear products designed to slim and smooth the body.
In my opinion they are the masters of shape wear. It's so comfy and really holds you in just right.
I love to wear mine with some of my more form fitting dresses to give me a slightly more polished form. 


other shape wear


how to find the perfect underwear

how to find the perfect underwear

stalking essential

In my wardrobe one of the main staples I can't be without are my stalkings. 
I live in them during winter when I wear dresses and, I love them even In summer with light weight summer dresses
They are one of the most versatile and useful items in a woman's wardrobe.
Stalkings can truly elevate an entire outfit and they are usually a very inexpensive accessory (unlike a bag or pair of shoes). 
A great pair of stalkings can also be used to create a smoky, sexy look when paired with lingerie, especially a garter belt. Oh la la!
how to find the perfect underwear

The Perfect stalkings

"wolford" stalkings

When it comes to nylons or pantyhose, Wolford is the brand that many women turn too.

The Austrian company has been making high quality hosiery since 1950, and over the years they have become known for their fashionable and comfortable styles

True, they do come in at a higher price point then the average nylons but the quality is worth it every penny. 



"falke" stalkings 

Falke stalkings are another great brand for Nylons. They are also much more affordable than Wolford.

So, if you're a klutz like me and rip your tights all the time, I'd go with them and buy in bulk. 

You can never be caught with out a good pair of nylons.

I have a whole drawer just for mine, Some thick ones and some sheer for summer. 


Falke stalkings

what are garter belts

A garter belt is a piece of lingerie that helps to keep your stockings in place.
It is usually worn around the waist and has suspenders that attach to the tops of your stockings. Garter belts can be a sexy and chic addition to any lingerie look.

The must have Garter Belt ...

If you plan to wear a garter under your clothes then it needs to be invisible.
With very little lace and preferably a seamless type feel. 
So this silk option here is the best one in my opinion. Only a special certain someone will ever know you have them on. 
This one is also very versatile.
Matches any stalking so I'd say I Highly recommend it, if you're ready to start wearing garters.

wolford Satin Garter

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garter belts

Thank you for reading! I hope this post has inspired you to try out a new lingerie brand or to shop for seamless undergarments.

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find the perfect underwear 

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