Essentials for skincare: The 7 steps you need for healthy glowy skin

If you're looking for ways to achieve healthy and youthful skin, you've come to the right place.
In this blog post, I'll discuss everything from the essentials for skincare, some of my tried and true tips and tricks, and which products really work. 
I've personally used all these products and can say that they all really work, which isn't always easy to find in the skincare industry.
So whether you're just starting out with skincare or if you're looking for new products, read on for all the essentials for skincare you'll need for healthy youthful skin. 

essentials for skincare

the first of the essentials for 

skincare is exfoliation

Why is exfoliating essential for your skin? 

The first step and One of the most important steps but often overlooked essentials for skincare is Exfoliation.

A face exfoliator is important because it helps to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from the surface of your skin.

This allows your other skincare products to work more effectively and can help to prevent breakouts.

Exfoliation can also help to improve the appearance of your skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and pore size. 

How to choose a face exfoliator? 

When choosing a face exfoliator, it is important to choose one that is right for your skin type.

There are so many to choose from so it is important to do your research to find one that will work best for you.

A great face exfoliator should leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy. Some can be harsher on the skin when removing impurities.

Which can be good but you need to make sure the particles in it don't open your pores more.

Others can be more gentle but they sometimes don't really work. So choose one wisely.

My favorite face exfoliators are this Kiehls one if you're just starting out (its good for everyday if you want) and then this Lancer one if you're comfortable with exfoliation (I use this once or twice a week since its goes a bit deeper) 

should you exfoliate before or after cleansing?

I prefer to exfoliate before I cleanse my face because a lot of exfoliators have oils in them to help not dry out the skin. 
I like to wash that off and get my skin very clean when I apply the other products.
After You exfoliate don't forget to moisturize because exfoliating drys out your skin a great deal.
But it also is the perfect time to apply your most potent products because your skin will be perfectly prepped and ready to absorb it all. 


How often should i exfoliate? 

I try to exfoliate a minimum of once a week. I use an amazing exfoliator but I worked my way up to it because its a bit harsh at first.
Over time your skin gets used to it and its one of my favorite skin care steps in my routine now.  
Before that, I used this Kiehls exfoliator for many years and it's fairly gentle on your skin (especially if you're new to exfoliators).
Exfoliating tip: I also always use warm water during this step to open up my pores and to make my skin softer so I can remove the dead skin easier.

my favorite exfoliator 

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tips and essentials for skincare

the second of the Essentials For

Skincare Is cleansing

what are face cleansers?

A good cleanser is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine. But It is important to find a cleanser that works well with your skin type and does not strip the natural oils from your face.
I've tried different ones thru the years and some work great but not all cleansers are created equal, especially if you're trying to take off makeup. 
So, I've listed a few that have always worked well and will remove makeup well without  stripping your skin. 
Cleansing Tip: If I'm wearing makeup I try to double cleanse at night.
I've found that even the best cleansers cant get all makeup off with one cleansing.
So the second cleanse really makes all the difference. I've noticed since doing this that my pores and fine lines are rapidly diminishing. I only Wish I had know that ages ago. Ive only been doing this for the past year, but it really helps. 


essentials for skincare that you need now

The Third of the Essentials For

Skincare Is moisturizing

how do you pick out a moisturizer?

There are a few things to consider when picking out a face moisturizer. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when looking.

What is your skin type?

 Oily, dry, combination, sensitive? Different skin types require different kinds of ingredients in order to achieve and maintain balance. For example, someone with oily skin might want to look for a light, oil-free moisturizer whereas someone with dry skin might want something richer.

What is climate like where you live?

The climate you live in also affects what kind of moisturizer you need. If you live in a dry climate, you might need a heavier cream to help your skin retain moisture whereas if you live somewhere with high humidity, you might want something lighter so your skin doesn't feel suffocated.

What season is it?

Just like the climate, the season also affects your skin and therefore what kind of moisturizer you need. In the winter, when the air is drier, you might need a richer cream to help combat dryness whereas in the summer, when it's hotter and your skin is more prone to breakouts, you might want something lighter. 


-Personally when I am somewhere really humid (like when I was living in Uber humid Bali for years) I used a very lightweight moisturizer like this one from Peter thomas roth. It's very lightweight and perfect for humid island life.
Then there are heavier ones I would wear when I was living in Paris during the winter when its extremely dry and windy out, like this one from Dr. Jart. Its a heavier cream so it also kept my skin protected from the harsh winds in Europe. 
skincare essentials

my current moisturizer

The forth of the Essentials For

Skincare Is oils & serums 

Whats better face oils or serums?

Well, they both serve different purposes. Face oils moisturize and protect the skin but serums are meant to target a specific concern (thats why they are more expensive). so neither is better than the other.

Do you apply serums before or after oils?

You should always apply your oils last. Because none of your products will be able to penetrate your skin if you have oil on. But your oil can penetrate thru your other products. So oil goes last!

When should I apply

face oil?

You can apply facial oils in the AM and PM. But should always be applied as your last step at night and when applied in the morning you wanna apply it right before your sunblock. 


what does Hyaluronic acid do?

Hyaluronic acid helps skin stretch and flex and makes it appear glowy.  Making it less prone to wrinkling and showing fine lines.
It can also help to heal wounds faster and can reduce scarring.
I personally love anything with a hyaluronic in it. It's really helps to keep my skin glowy and healthy. Ive been using this Serum by Peter Thomas Roth for a few years and really love it. 

my favorite


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must have skincare products

The fifth of the Essentials For

Skincare is sunblock 

when should i wear sunblocks

Arguably one of the most important essentials for skincare is a good strong sunblock. You should be wearing sunblock everyday. This is the best defense you can give your skin against the harsh rays of the sun. Because, Long gone are the days where you can lay out to get a darker tan. Now we know that laying out in the sun can age your skin rapidly.

What is the best SPF number to use?

 So always use a good sunblock as often as possible. Preferably the highest SPF number you can find that isn't too oily for you. Anything over 30 SPF will do the trick though. 
For my body I use "Super goops everyday lotion" and its great for the body.
But on face I prefer a less oily one like these three I've listed here. This way my make doesn't look oily and sits well over it. 
I always apply my skincare, then my sunblock, then lastly my make up.


For my body I use Super goops everyday lotion, its great for the body.
But on face I prefer a less oily one like these three I've listed here. This way my makeup doesn't look oily and it can sit well over the sunblock. 
Sunblock tip: I always apply my skincare, then my sunblock, then lastly my make up.

how do i reapply sunblock

 over my makeup?

You should apply sunblock every two hours to keep your skin protected. But what do you do if you have make up on?
Well, this powder sunblock is amazing for just that situation. It glides right over top of your makeup and works great. 
I usually have this in my purse and just reapply over my make up throughout the day as I go. 

the best

powder sunblock 

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The sixth Of The Essentials For

Skincare Is face tanner

We know the sun is harsh so You shouldn't be tanning your face in the sun. Direct sunlight is probably one of the worst things you can expose your faces delicate skin to for long periods of time. 

The thing is if you are always shielding your face from the sun and consistently wearing sunblock you might find your face becoming too pale to match your body. 

So your two choices are to use more makeup to make it appear darker in color or a face tanner. 

Personally I prefer a face tanner. I like to mix a few drops of the Tan luxe face drops into my moisturizer once a week to help me keep a slightly tanned looking color to my skin without destroying it in the sun. This St Tropez face mist is great too, you can apply it right over your makeup if you're on the go. 


skincare products for healthy skin

The Fifth Of The Essentials For

Skincare Is body tanner 

I highly recommend using body Tanners when possible because it will keep you from getting in the sun and that can cause skin cancers, premature aging and dehydrate your skin. 

I personally haven't laid out in the sun in many years. I avoid the over exposure to the sun at all costs to keep my skin healthy and happy. 

These two tanners are the ones I use and love. If you would like me to do a separate post on self tanners and how to apply etc please leave a message in the comments. 


Well, there you have it My top essentials for skincare to get healthy youthful skin. ( I also have one all about haircare here if you're looking for help with your hair).
I hope this post has given you some new ideas to try. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.
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Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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By Ryan Starr