“I decided to start this site because I really love expressions of all sorts and I believe we all have something of value to share that can bring others joy or help in some way.”


Hi and welcome to S.I.R. Here you will find some of my favorite fashion brands, travel tips, random stories, along with some raw and honest viewpoints. “SHE IS RYAN” is somewhere I hope people can find something fun to read that’s worth some value to them or a place to learn about a new country or way of thinking. I hope it will be somewhere they feel they can find advice at a time when they feel no one gets them.

also….Bit of background on me…

I’m a professional singer and part-time adrenaline junkie. I started my career in music when I finished in the top 10 of “American Idol”, after that I worked in Hollywood on several tv shows acting

as well as modeling for several fashion brands in print and runway. then went on to work remotely as a singer and lyricist traveling abroad for many years. I’m definitely what most would call a “real-life gypsy”. I’ve lived in over 15 countries and traveled to over 40. I’ve done extensive arena music tours throughout North and South America, and Asia where I had the privilege of singing in front of crowds ranging from 1000-20,000 nightly. I am Peruvian French and currently, I am based between Los Angeles, and Bali where I keep a second home. I have a die-hard passion for anything on wheels and I have been riding motorcycles for about 12 years now. (I’ve even done some modeling for Harley Davidson and shot a few commercials for them… what a treat that was) and it’s become a big part of my life and brings me great joy. I believe everyone should have at least one thing that they truly love as a hobby and mine is motorcycles and fast cars hands down! This all being said I like to think of myself as an uber friendly person so feel free to send me an email anytime with questions or concerns. Meeting new people is such a thrill. So don’t hesitate and say hi.

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So grateful to have each and every one of you here to share this incredible journey with me.