50 of the most perfect white summer dresses for 2022

I love finding the perfect white summer dress. I mean, who doesn't, right? They can make any women look flawlessly elegant and chic all at once.
To me I've always felt like wearing white really exudes an inner confidence.  
So I decided to handpick this list of 50 perfect white dresses for women. Regardless of what length or dress code, it's all here for you.
From upscale flowing white dresses to casual long dresses. I've even chosen some more affordable chic dresses in one section for anyone looking to buy a white dress on a budget or some uber elegant mid-length dresses for those business meetings where you wanna feel powerful.
So enjoy, and happy shopping!
white summer dress

the short but perfect

white summer dress

Once we get into the summer months we start reaching for those short styles. We want lightweight fabrics, sleeveless yet chic all in one.
Personally I've always loved the 60s fashion so the shorter the better. Of course as long as its tastefully done.  
Like a flowing short dress that isn't too tight or too form fitting is one of my favorite options for a casual summertime look.
Another option is maybe A oversized feminine bow detail or a masculine collar to jazz up a simple loose white dress but also keeping it fashion forward. 
short white dress
perfect whit dress short
short white dresses





perfect white long sleeve dress

The luxury dress list

These gorgeous white dresses have a higher price tag but rightfully so. They are made of the most gorgeous white materials and the cuts are heavenly. 
These would look great as a post wedding dress or even honeymoon dress. You could also dress them down with luxe sandals and a beach bag or oversized scarf.
These pieces would be great for spring/summer casual daytime events as well. If you're looking to splurge on a luxurious white dress this is the way to go. 

Luxury white dresses


the perfect white summer

dress with sleeves

A short dress with sleeves has my name written all over it. Hands down, that's the most popular style In my closet when it comes to white dresses.
Mainly because you can wear a short dress with long sleeves in the colder months with some quality stalkings and you can also wear it in summer evenings easily too.
The sleeves also somehow always add a bit of drama and you we love a dramatic sleeve.
Short dresses with sleeves are great paired with knee high boots for a casual look or for a dressier look you can do a high heel.
Most times changing the shoe choice alone can take the same perfect white summer dress from casual to a dressy look with just switch from flat to heel.
Maybe throw on a great belt and boom an entirely new outfit!



midi length perfect white dress

the perfect white summer

midi dress

The "Midi-dress", oh don't we all love a Midi? I mean what's not to love? It hides the legs a little which is great when you just don't wanna be too flashy with all that skin or you wanna just look elegant.
I always find myself wearing a form fitting midi dresses for those semi formal dress code occasions. I feel it's still youthful but also very chic.
Midi length dresses are perfect for events like graduations, business meetings, upscale dinner dates, Sunday brunch, and maybe when you just wanna feel super chic.
I like to pair a perfect white summer dress with nude colored wedges for events on grass, or belted to draw in your waistline for a more feminine look.

white midi dresses


the perfect floor length white dress

an uber romantic perfect

white summer dress  

It's no secret around here I'm not afraid to get super dressed up but somehow make it casual. I'm not one to wait for a red carpet or a wedding to wear a floor length dress.
To me, you can wear one to the beach, the mall, the mountains, on picnic dates. I think it's great to have a dramatic dress moment anywhere (just like my girl Carrie from sex and the city). 
I refuse to follow any rules with floor length dresses. Because floor length dresses are so underrated as everyday wear.
Try pairing one with a chunky sweater, or even some sneakers, or sometimes for a real fun fashion moment try wearing a spaghetti strap summer dress with a fitted simple t-shirt under with some converse for running errands.
There are no rules with long dresses!
long white dresses
flowy white dress floor length

white maxi dresses


strappy short white dress
little white dress
flowy short white dress

affordable perfect white summer dresses

Ok ladies, let's talk price tag and let's be real about it. We are recovering from a pandemic and money can sometimes get a little tight.
So, I wanted to include some truly affordable fashion options for anyone on a budget or just not wanting to spend a fortune on a dress but needs some minor retail therapy.  
These are some handpicked perfect white summer dresses ranging in price from $20-40. Because we all wanna shop even when are bank account is saying otherwise.
So have some fun and grab something that's in your budget and just jazz it up with accessories

white summer dresses from $20-$40


dresses from $50-$100


Thanks for reading! I hope you found this post helpful in finding the perfect white summer dress.
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