How To Dress in New York for your next summer trip to the big city

Dressing well when headed to New York City in the warmer months can be a daunting task. With so many fashionistas competing for attention, it's hard to know how to stand out without trying too hard.
Also with all the walking how do you get around town comfortably while still looking polished and put together.
Well don't worry, I've got you covered! Just follow these simple tips and you'll look effortlessly elegant in no time. Read on to learn more!
what to wear in new york to look chic

how to dress in

new york

for a day in central park

If you're planning on heading to Central park on your next time to New York (which I highly recommend) I suggest a flowing loose lightweight dress. You wanna be as comfortable as possible because it gets super hot there on summer days. 
It's always a good idea in the summer heat, If you don't want to wear a dress, consider a nice pair of shorts and a pretty blouse.
Also very important, When it comes to shoes, comfort is key. You'll be doing a lot of walking in Central Park, so make sure to wear something that won't rub your feet raw. A cute pair of flats or sneakers will do the trick. 
Lastly, don't forget to accessorize! A sunhat and some sunglasses will keep you feeling cool, while a chic handbag will add a touch of elegance.

dresses for

central park


shoes for the park


How to dress in new york for meetings

How To Dress In New York

if you running to meetings

If you're headed to the big apple and you need to run to a few meetings while you're there I think wearing a chic suit or tailored pieces is a great choice. 

With that said, If you want to look elegant during summer in New York, there are a few key clothing items you should make sure you have.

Firstly, a well-fitted blazer is a must! It can be styled with shorts and sandals for a summery look that's still appropriate for some meetings. It you feel it's a more serious dress code for the meeting, a midi skirt with a blazer will be perfect.

Maybe, pop it with a light silk scarf, which can be used as a makeshift headscarf if the weather gets too hot. Finally, make sure you have a pair of comfortable but stylish flats.

They will come in handy for running between meetings or if you need to walk long distances. We all know New York is known as a "walking city" so i always have a little pair of sandals in my day bag just to be safe. 

With these key pieces in your wardrobe, you'll be ready for anything summer throws your way

outfits for meetings


How To Dress In

New York 

for going out dinner

Ok, so going out to dinner in New York, especially somewhere nice (like my favorite Thomas Keller spot "Per Se" ) is not a casual dress code. I love New York for this reason. You can get as dressy as you want in the city.
For women, a nice tasteful cocktail dress or midi length dress is always a good option. Of course paired with a sexy pair of heels
But if you're really not sure what to wear, err on the side of being more dressed up rather than too casual. "You can never go wrong with being over dressed" I always say.
Then accessorize with some great jewelry and a statement bag you'll be good to go. Remember to bring a light coverup as it can get a bit chilly sometimes at night. 
Also little travel tip: Make sure you take taxis when in heels in New York.
Walking city blocks in NYC is not a journey to be made in nice heels and elegant dresses. Its unsafe and will kill your feet and your cute shoes!

elegant dinner dresses


how to dress in new york for museums

How To Dress In New York:

for a girls Brunch/lunch 

New York is the perfect place to sit outside and people watch and what better way to do it then with your gals. But what to wear? 
Well, If you're looking for something a little more casual, try a pair distressed denim jeans with a crisp white blouse and cute flats.
Maybe, add a pop of color with your accessories, like a statement necklace or statement handbag then top off the look with a cute little cardigan.
Going somewhere a little more upscale and looking to dress up a bit more? A tailored black pant with a silk blouse and a kitten heel is always a good option.
To add a touch of edge, try pairing it with a leather motorcycle jacket
Oh, and don't forget the jewelry! A pair of statement earrings will finish off the look perfectly or maybe a set of chunky rings.
Dont worry about being too "extra" because New York is the best place to be overdressed even if its just lunch with the girls. Go for it girl!

casual brunch/lunch looks


Going somewhere a little more upscale and looking to dress up a bit more for brunch? A tailored black pant with a little sexy top and a kitten heel is always a good option.
To add a touch of edge, try pairing it with a leather motorcycle jacket. Oh, and maybe a set of chunky rings. 

dressier brunch/lunch looks


How To Dress In New York:

to hit the museums

So, if you've been following me on my instagram then you would know I travel a lot, and when I do one of the main things I love to do is head to the local museums. New York city has some of the best in the world. But you need to think about what to wear wisely. 
Let's start with the shoes. You'll want to avoid anything with a heel. Flats are a must in this situation.
So, stick to comfortable shoes that you can walk in all day because museums in New York are massive. 
For clothing, you'll also want to stick to comfortable clothing that you can move around in easily. 
A t-shirt and jeans is always a good choice, or a loose fitting dress. There is no need to get fancy for a museum but you always wanna be a little put together. 
Finally, let's talk accessories. If you're planning on taking any pictures, then you'll need a camera.
I would also recommend bringing a water bottle and snacks too in case you go sightsee the city too. 
So think Big purse, a day bag type, where you can throw in a little cardigan too. Museums get cold!

comfy shoes


museum clothes


sightseeing day bags


So there you have it, my top tips for looking chic and polished and cute as can be for your next trip to New York.
I hope this gives you the confidence to explore this wonderful city and enjoy all that it has to offer. 
As always, if you have any questions or need any advice, please don't hesitate to reach out by leaving a comment. I would love to hear from you!
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See you in New York!

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