Neck Scarves On Trend For Your Purse, Hair, and Neck.

The scarf trend is here and it's not going anywhere. Scarfs were all the rage ages ago and now its come back.

Thank god because scarves are an amazing accessory.

They can be used to elevate a purse, to add to your hair, tie on your wrist, around your neck or as a sweater if you're cold, the list goes on. 

Investing in quality neck scarves on trend is a very smart move. They really are an accessory that keep on giving.  

In this post I will be sharing a few ways to wear them and some of the best brands and ways they have styled them. 

So that you have even more inspiration for the next time you add a scarf to your outfit, purse, or even hair. 

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what brands have

Neck scarves on trend?

Ive gathered a few of my favorite scarf brands like Toteme, LeScarf, and many more to show you how to use these simple neck scarves in tons of amazing ways. 

Because of the versatility of the scarf trend I highly recommend getting quality scarves. They make a great investment.

The brands that I feel make the best neck scarves on trend are Toteme, Le Scarf, Saint Laurent, Burberry, and Valentino.

For purse scarfs I love ones like the Dior option or this great Gucci options. For an oversized scarf you can wear as a skirt or sweater I would look at Burberry. 

There are no limits to how you can add these to your outfits.

neck scarves


how to wear a

neck scarf 

in your hair?

Dont limit yourself to only wearing a scarf on your neck or purse because they make amazing accessories for the hair too.
You can use them as a shield for the entire scalp or just wrapped around a pony tail.
Also they make great head bands. Make sure to get the correct size too because if its too big or small it wont work. 
I recommend a twill scarf for your hair which also works great around a purse handle. 

A scarf as a head band  

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can neck scarves

 on trend be used as a top?

The trend of making a top out of a scarf is pure genius. There are so many creative ways to tie a scarf to yourself as a top.
I like the way the two I've posted below look and I also love when women just wrap them around their chest.
They tie a knot in the middle letting the ends hang down and sometimes they use scarf rings to add a little decoration to the scarf top. 
For more ideas on how to make a scarf a top check out this post with tons of great ideas from the Zoe report. 

scarves as tops


which neck scarves on trend

should you use on a purse?

The trend with neck ties on purses is probably my all tie favorite trend. I hope it never goes away. 

I have a scarf on every purse I own. When it comes to how to style them I would refer to Pinterest for tons of ideas and tutorials on how to attach them. 

My favorite ways to style a scarf on a purse is simply to wrap it around the strap of the purse several times then tie a know on each end and have the ends sticking out. simple fast and really elevates a simple purse. 

For purses I prefer to use the long skinny scarves called "twill scarves". They just wrap easiest and have the right shape. 

You can also use this same scarf in your hair or neck. They are very versatile. 


the classic neck scarf

Toteme neck scarf
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how to wear an oversized neck scarf?

When you're shopping for a scarf you should always keep in mind how versatile they can be.

For example the larger ones can be made into tops, or skirts but my favorite is to think of it as a sweater. 

To come up with creative ways to wear it as a regular scarf then when it gets cold I wrap it over my shoulders.

This way my hands are always free and I don't have to carry a sweater around with me. 

Ive posted a few oversized option below to shop and also to get inspiration from the ways they are styled


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the neck scarves on trend 

Hope you enjoyed this post on Neck scarves on trend and how to style them and some of the brands that have the ones on trend.
If I left out a brand you love for scarves please leave a comment and let us know. Im always on the look out for scarves. a girl can never have enough.

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