Popular French Fashion Brands To Shop For That Perfect Parisian Style.

If you love french fashion brands you have come to the right place. I’ve chosen some of the best french fashion brands around. I mean, who doesn’t love french fashion? We all know Fashion and art are at the very heart of France.

Parisian style historically exudes elegance and class but somehow they still always seem to have a hint of edge to the designs and stay ahead of the pack in the design world.

I am actually half french myself and I lived in Paris for years. While Living at the center of all things french I, of course, developed a deep love for French fashion designs Paris that I hadn’t seen in America yet.

So, If you love brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton then you will love these (much more accessible and affordable) french brands that I’ve highlighted here.

French fashion for Parisian style



the french fashion brand

 with a rock edge

One of my favorite French brands is none other than Zadig & Voltaire. A Paris-born French fashion house, founded in 1997. The soul of Zadig & Voltaire is the result of the creative direction of Cecilia Bönström, who inspires its “rock” feel.

They use unique materials like Feather cashmere, Crushed leather, Japanese satin, and “Intarsia” – A signature material of Zadig & Voltaire. Which is a modern and extremely complex knitting technique requiring lengthy production times.

I would say this brand is a bit different from most French fashion brands because their designs have a Parisian chicness to them. But they are also very Rock N Roll. With fur coats, leopard suits, and lightning bolt details.

So, If you’re looking for something unique but with the feeling of french design mixed in, this is a great brand for you.

Lastly, In terms of popular french brands, I would say this one is at a price point that’s fairly affordable considering the quality and compared to many other Parisian style brands.



black French fashion sweater

The French fashion brand

That’s always classic

Sandro is a French fashion house Headquartered in the center of Paris, with stores worldwide. They were founded in 1984 and Led by the head of design Evelyne Chetrite.

Their designs have a feminine feel with the use of ruffles and bow details or their modernized take on the classic boyfriend cardigan. They like to play with bright neon colors as well and Their fits are always impeccably cut. with a global presence and awareness, they spare no expense when it comes to sustainable materials.



french parisian style top

The French brand

with a musical edge

IRO is a French fashion brand founded by brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton in 2005. The two brothers have a deep passion for music and have let the styles of 70s and *0s rock inspire the brand’s designs.

Iro creates denim, knitwear, and amazing boots, and their leather jackets are great for the more contemporary consumer. This brand is special because it launched in Paris and New York at the same time, so it’s as American as it is French.

So, If you looking for sexy cuts and great suede and leather designs without being flashy this is the perfect brand for you.



fashion from france amazing french fashion brands

The French fashion brand

that’s always unique

Jacquemus is one of the trendiest brands on the scene right now with its uniquely shaped purses and wildly popular mini sizing options. They are the “it” brand for women who want to stand out in a chic way. This brand was founded by French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus In 2009, a year after the passing of his mother, he launched this label under her maiden name, Jacquemus. His designs are childlike and whimsical and just fun. If you want that french quality but you wanna stand out this is definitely the brand for you. I hand-picked a few of my favorite Parisian style neutral pieces for all of you ladies who don’t wear bright colors but if you go to the Jacquemus site you will find a wide array of neon greens and pinks etc. This brand does not shy away from brightly designed clothes.



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