Look Classy and Elegant on a Budget- 6 Must Know Tips

Here I'll be sharing some of my secret tips to look classy and elegant on a budget. Because you shouldn't have to break the bank to look expensive. You just need to know a bit about colors, alterations, textures and so on. I know we all wanna look and feel like a million bucks. So I'm sharing my personal tried and true tricks to looking luxurious but for much less.

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to look classy and elegant on a budget you have to Shop With Intention Not With Budget

I've always believed shopping with intention is key to creating an amazing looking wardrobe (at any price). You first need to think about how you will style the piece you're thinking about buying. Does it go with other fabrics you have, other colors? Will it compliment your body in an elegant way?I think a lot of women think quantity over quality when it comes to the more "affordable shops" and I understand that. 
I remember when I was 16 and working at forever 21. I would work all day folding and putting clothes away. Then I would get my check every two week and I would spend the entire thing on tons of new pieces. I was 100% a quantity over quality type shopper. There was something sorta addictive to having so many pieces of clothing at that age. Heck, at any age!
But wow, did I have it all wrong. Creating a wardrobe that looks chic and well manicured is about carefully choosing each piece no matter the price. (even if its a cute skirt for twenty dollars) Ask yourself, will it fade or shrink after a few washes? Does the Material look cheap? Is the cut flattering or is it just a good price and maybe a decent color? Also, most importantly does it compliment the pieces I already have?
Because to look classy and elegant on a budget doesn't mean you need to buy tons of pieces. You just need the "right" pieces.

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elegant and classy on a budget

to look classy and elegant on a budget you need to Know

Materials and care tags 

When you go up to a piece of clothing it's important that you touch it and really feel it. Does it feel rich? Does it feel heavy or delicate? You need to be thinking about how it will wash too. Will it wrinkle easy (like linen)? Will it shrink if you dry it? 
In some cases if I find an affordable piece that I absolutely love I will get it and dry clean it. Even if the piece cost me twenty dollars I will spend eight dollars dry cleaning it every time I need to wash it because it not about the price it's about the cut and how it goes with my other things. But if you aren't a dry cleaning type person then definitely take into consideration the material. 
I've had inexpensive pieces that have lasted me ages. For example satin is an affordable version of silk. Silk is dry clean only fyi. So always consider that into the budget of the piece. (I personally love silk but I am always very careful with the pieces I have). Also cashmere is amazing and now comes in affordable options like this cute cozy one from H&M. 
I also think considering the stretch of the material. Does it stretch so much it's mildly see thru? If so that's a definite pass. Really just take a moment to think of this article of clothing in four months after five washes. 
TOP TIP: Buying your clothing slightly bigger has a chic feel. Too tight looks the opposite. So always go a size up if you can comfortably.

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To Look Classy And Elegant On A Budget you 

should try to mix textures

Mixing textures is an art form kinda like mixing patterns. It's not to be taken lightly. Because You wouldn't wear polka dot with plaid normally right?

 The general materials I think that go well together are silk, satin, suede, velvet, cashmere, leather, cotton, and fur. The materials I would stay away from are animal print furs, overly distressed/ripped denim, frayed hats, linen(use sparingly/wrinkles so much) and embossed leather should be used on bags and heels only. Really animal print should be used sparingly if at all.

You wanna try to mix 2-3 materials at a time but one should be the main material and the second and third should be accessories or outerwear (ex: a silk dress with a leather jacket and suede


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To Look Classy And Elegant On A Budget it's important to choose the right Accessories 



Accessories can really make an outfit look chic and elegant on a budget, if chosen wisely. At the same token they can ruin a look if they are too much or made of cheap looking materials. The belt in the photoshoot here was actually really  inexpensive but works perfectly. The second I saw it I knew I could work it in and glam it up. The oversized look of it added drama to the pieces shape and the velvet material was a fun choice for mixing textures. 
Also I love an inexpensive earring. I think I actually only own a few luxury earrings because I've lost so many. I got these earrings here for under twenty dollars. The trick with Jewelry is to go with either a unique vintage piece, a statement piece that doesn't overwhelm the look, of very minimal dainty pieces by brands like "Kendra scott". She has great mid priced jewelry that I love and wear often. I also love an inexpensive statement earring from Target or Asos anyday. 
 So I've chosen a few great affordable jewelry pieces for you to shop below from each store so you can look classy and elegant on a budget but still get your jewelry fix. 
 Leave a comment and  let me know if you snag any of these cuties or which ones you liked.

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To Look Classy And Elegant On A

Budget less is more

Someone once a long time ago about the rule "take one thing off before leaving the house". It's the best advice I was ever given. I think we all love to put all our favorite accessories on or wear all of our favorite pieces at once. But the truth is sometimes without realizing it we miss the mark on our aim to look classy and elegant.

So next time you go to walk out the door, try it! Look at your outfit and take one thing off. It could be your statement earrings, the oversized belt. Or maybe tone down one thing, like leave the bold heels, maybe one Less ring. I think you get the point. This really is a game changer because looking well dressed isn't about overdoing it.

How to look elegant on a budget

To Look Classy And Elegant On A Budget you

must be confident within 

Last but definitely not least I will finish with this.....

 To Look classy and elegant on a budget is not just about the price of clothing or what you wear. It's also very much about how you present yourself and how you feel about yourself. This is where good posture, self confidence, and loving your unique self without comparing yourself to others.  

Because you could be dripping in chanel and diamonds from head to toe but if you walk into a room sloppy, start cursing up a storm, and can't be bothered to cross your legs in your skirt. Lets just say, no one's going to notice all the effort in your outfit choices. All they will see is how you carry yourself in public.

When you see someone walk into a room with true confidence they are standing up straight, they care how they speak to others and have a genuine respect for themselves and the humans around them. They are polite and kind, a usually a pleasure to be around. 

Confidence and self love should be at the very forefront of every woman's wardrobe because it's the most elegant thing you will ever wear. This one tip will set you apart and elevate any look, at any budget because self confidence is priceless. 

Work on this one tip just as much as you would your wardrobe.

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