20 Trending Houndstooth Pieces To Pair with Black

If you're looking for a sure fire way to elevate an outfit or just feel like a million dollars then these twenty one trending houndstooth pieces will have you dreaming up what to pair them with in no time. 
I absolutely love houndstooth. I'm normally not really one for patterns but I've always held a special place for this elegant pattern. It's so chic and pairs so well with black, which of course makes life easy because every women has a few black accessories. 
That why you will love these twenty trending houndstooth pieces to pair with black accessories. I've even included a few black accessories in case your stumped on what to wear these houndstooth pieces with. 
women in trending houndstooth dress

what is houndstooth?

Houndstooth was created in Scotland. It is a clothing pattern that became popular in the 1930s and hasn't stopped being in vogue since. Almost every winter/fall fashion season it can be found on the runways of the biggest and best.
Christian Dior was the first big fashion house to add the houndstooth pattern into a collection and since then the use of the pattern has always been known to embody elegance and class. 
Many of the upper class worn it at its start as a sign of wealth and nobility and it seems its much the same now. With celebrities and first ladies being seen in the trending Houndstooth Pieces of their era like Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn. For ever making it the "pattern of elegance". 

women in trending houndstooth blazer

trending houndstooth pieces


women in trending houndstooth pieces with belt

The Perfect Belt

to pair with houndstooth

the best trending houndstooth

pieces for swim


women in trending houndstooth pieces and long hair
women in trending houndstooth pieces and white dress under
women in trending houndstooth pieces and gold necklace
women in trending houndstooth pieces and white skirt

what do i wear with trending  

houndstooth pieces?

When creating an outfit with trending houndstooth pieces the key is to add articles that are plain, like a solid colored bag, a solid belt, and nothing overly embellished with mixed metals. 

The houndstooth pattern should not be paired with any other pattern or anything too wild for outerwear.

That will only look busy and take away from the elegance of the pattern. If you're wearing stalkings go for plain ones, something with a pattern will just make the outfit look busy instead of steam line. 

Overall, you cant go wrong with black accessories when wearing houndstooth.

I love to pair trending houndstooth pieces with baker boy caps like this one by brixton to keep with the 60's feel that some houndstooth designs can have. 

For a shoe I would pair it with a strappy thin heel or minimal mule is best to keep the feel of femininity that exudes houndstooth. Some boots can look amazing as well with this pattern. 

accessories to pair with houndstooth


women in trending houndstooth pieces and black heels

Trending Houndstooth Pieces:

to pair with black clothing 


ryan starr in trending houndstooth pieces

The Perfect Bag To Pair

With Houndstooth

trending houndstooth pieces:

blazers, cardigans


women in trending houndstooth pieces with puff sleeves
I hope this post has made you fall in love with the houndstooth pattern and some of the amazing trending houndstooth pieces out right now.
Maybe you found an item of two you love. If so, let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. 
Thanks for reading. 

This was a post about trending houndstooth pieces 
By Ryan Starr