Monte Carlo Fashion Looks You Need For That French Riviera Style

what is monte Carlo fashion like? 

The Monte Carlo Fashion scene is definitely one of my favorites. The women there know how to dress impeccably. The whole town is just gorgeous.

I would say for that true "monaco look" you need to be dressed somewhat chic. A safe casual look would be wide legged slacks and a crisp button up with a camisole under. For a more dressy look it can range from a floor length gown to a midi length summer dress depending on your plans. It's also a major walking city so make sure your sightseeing shoes are very comfy because the hills can be pretty steep.

When I went to monaco I stayed at the gorgeous "Hotel de paris" and It was absolutely stunning. I remember seeing women coming and going in floor length gowns and men in black tie. So if you're like me and love to get dressed up visiting monaco is your chance to pack those extra special dresses. There are no limits to how fancy you can get there if you want that.

Location : Hotel de paris, Monte carlo

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The monaco Fashion Scene

The nightlife there goes all night. While I was in monaco I went to a fancy yacht party and the women were so dressed up and they looked amazing. It's the best place for anyone craving that elegant feeling of the "French Riviera style".

I would say wearing a lot of whites, neutrals and navy blue stripes are the way to go when visiting this seaside town. I think elegant suits and tailored pieces lend themselves well in this location too. But Don't forget to pack some nude sandals and a ton of elegant one pieces bathing suits for the beaches and pools. I packed a few one piece swimsuits by french brand "la perla" and it was perfect for this location. La perla have the most elegant swimwear/Lingerie and it a french brand so it just felt fitting.

Overall when packing for the french riviera, the style falls into "comfortable chic elegance".

the monte carlo fashion for everyone

Packing Tips:

If you are traveling with a man make sure he packs some collared shirts  and a pair of nice shoes because they have dress codes in certain places. So sorry boys flip flops won't be enough.

Also If you head to the famous "Casino De Monte Carlo" don't get dressed up. They did away with the dress code so now its very casual.

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