Suit Styles Women Wear To Get That Empowered Victoria Beckham Look

These are the suit styles women wear to achieve the empowered chic look like Victoria Beckham. I personally love to look like a boss when I'm out and about most days. I don't have a 9-5 or work in an office but that doesn't stop me from wearing all different kinds of suits for dinner dates, meetings with photographers, or just hanging with my girls. (I've even ridden my motorcycle in a pantsuit a few times). Have fun Shopping this post for tons of great suit style options in every budget. 

pantsuit styles women wear

skirt suit styles

women who like to stay feminine wear

I have always loved a skirt suit, I have a few that I wear all the time. To me, It has a hint of a men's suit but still says "I'm still feminine". I think these style of suits are great when matched with a soft flowy blouse and pumps. Open toed high heels make this even more sexy for maybe a date night feel.
I personally love a matching suit set if you really mean business. Just looks really clean and professional. For the styles that require a top under the blazer, I would go with a solid shirt(if its a patterned suit) or a patterned shirt if the suit is solid. Try to choose a color that pulls out the suits details to get a complete look. 

the skirt suit


skirt suits for women

The Perfect Blazer

suit styles for women

blazer dress suit styles

women wear to feel sexy and polished


These blazer suit styles are a bit of a sexier choice but still achieve a very elegant look due to the tailoring in the shoulders. It kind of leaves people to wonder if you have a skirt under or you're just wearing a short jacket, oh la la. It also really makes a bold statement if you pair this with thigh high boots.
But be careful that you don't get to bold with colors or wild materials like vinyl or mesh because it could easily slide into a bad look. Keep it classy by using quality stalkings or dainty jewelry. This lets the blazer suit be the hero piece. I would pair these with a open toe heel because it lends to the off work look. Pumps I feel have a more office feel when paired with this style and I wouldn't say this suit cut is really appropriate for office typically. Little too sexy if you ask me. Keep this look for date nights or girls nights out. 

the blazer dress suit 


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The luxe list

I've hand picked these luxury high fashion pieces that I absolutely love. Each one is made with the highest of quality and well worth the spend. If you are looking for pieces to invest in these luxury pieces are for you. 

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short suits styles

shorts suit styles women

 wear to get a smart-casual look

Here are some short suit styles women can wear to get the classy feel of a tailored suit but toned down to a chic casual feel. if you can find options with high waisted flowy cut shorts and a softer tailored blazer this style lends itself well to any daytime outings. Like picnics, shopping, lunching or brunching.
This styles looks great paired with a high quality well fitted t shirt or smart tank. For shoes I would go with a wedge or a flat sandal in the day or a open toed heel in the evening to spice it up a little. These Matching suit sets are perfect for a easy go to daytime look. pair it with a purse that pulls out the colors in the suit or match the bag to the sandals. Throw some oversized sunnies on and boom you're ready for lunch drinks in beverly hills!

the "short suit"



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The look for less suit styles

women wear to get that chic look

Check out these looks for less. Shop some really great affordable suit options at stores like Express or Zara. All of these options here are under $150. 

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This was a post about luxury leather jacket.

by ryan starr.