Healthy Habits To Adopt For Energy & Vitality.

Everyone wants to feel great and have the level of energy they had as kid. They wanna be productive. But most days most people wake up sleepy and spend the day sluggish and end up moving like snails. Till they have their coffee. 
But what if you changed a few small things around and found the healthy habits to adopt to feel young again? 
They are just small changes you can start today. Things to think about that just get overlooked but have a huge impact on our energy levels and overall vitality.
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what are some healthy habits to adopt

for better sleep?  

I have struggled my whole life off and on with sleep. I can even remember my mother telling me even as a baby I didn't sleep well. 
Thru my struggles I learned what healthy habits to adopt to get quality sleep.

turn off your phone 

Firstly, that whole "don't looking at your phone before bed" rule, its true! Keeping your eyes away from the light on your phone will let your body wind down when it's time for bed. 

get the room cool 

Secondly, as humans our temperature goes up while we sleep so getting the room cooled down before you hit the hay will really help. I like to keep mine at 69/70F while I sleep. 

weighted blankets work

Third thing is using a weighted blanket. They works like a charm, who knew! I actually couldn't believe it till I tried one and I slept so well. I have a 12 pound one I love and you can buy it here

make a sleep schedule

Lastly I find that routine really helps. For many years i had no routine because I travel and switched time zones often. So I slowed down and I decided to try waking up at 5 am and going to sleep at 9 everyday no matter what. 
At first it was a little tough But once I got used to it having a routine helped so much. I suddenly also had so much more energy because I was sleeping so deeply.
I highly recommend a sleep schedule and to try to sleep and rise with the sun because that really helps with mood and mental health.
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what are the healthy habits to adopt when eating food?

When it comes to food if you live in America you are most likely eating too much food in one sitting.
Mainly because the portions they serve us in America are gigantic compared so most other countries. 

Learning portion sizes

So the first healthy habit to adopt with food is learning your portion sizes. A good rule of thumb is that your food on your plate should be about the same size as your fist.
If you're served more then take the rest home or leave it on the plate. Get out of the mentality that you have to finish everything on your plate in one sitting. Thats a very dangerous habit to have.

drink water before food

Next up try to drink water before you eat. This helps with digestion and also makes you feel more full so you wont eat with your eyes. 
So often we eat out of habit and Instead we probably need to reach for water. Because our minds think we are hungry but on the way to feeling hungry you have to pass thru feeling thirsty.
So drink water then ask yourself if you still feel hungry. 

eat intuitively

Learning to be more in tune with your body is a major healthy habit to adopt with food.
You have to learn how to ask yourself the next time you go over to the fridge for a snack "am I actually hungry or just stuck in the habit of snacking all day"? 

Stop eating late

Also one last healthy habit to adopt with food is stop eating a few hours before bed.
This way while you sleep your body will be resting instead of processing food. It also helps keep you trim too so its a double fold healthy habit. 
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what are the healthy habits to adopt

for good skin?

sunblock is key

Obviously the first thing will be to wear sunblock. I cant stress this enough, wear it on your legs your face your arms. its very important. Skin cancer is a real thing and aging skin isn't pleasant. Here is my favorite sunblock for the body and face

Dry brushing works

Dry brushing is great for the skin and really helps with cellulite. Also red light therapy is wonderful too. Most people don't know this but our skin (the epidermis) is one of the largest places we store toxins in our body and doing red light helps flush that out.

do a cold rinse

Also believe it or not showering with cold water is great for our pores. Now don't get me wrong who wants to take cold showers everyday, Not me! 
I like to take a warm shower than at the end I turn it cold and just rinse off quickly.. It wakes me up of course but more over it really gives me such a boost of energy thru the day.
When you rinse off with cold water you are closing the cuticle of your hair and you are closing your pores on your skin. It's a great healthy habit to adopt for your skin
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The Perfect dry brush

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Dry brushing regularly helps to reduce toxins in the skin and the appearance of cellulite. 

what are the healthy habits to adopt to keep a youthful face? 

As far as the face goes its far more sensitive than the body. Because the skin on our face and chest are completely different to the skin on our body and should be treated as such. 

be gentle with your face

For youthful skin one amazing healthy habit to adopt is to be gentle with it.
You should never scrub it too hard, burn it in the sun, tug at it with tweezers too much, pull at it when applying products.
Think of your skin on your face like a piece of delicate tissue that you don't wanna rip. Be gentle with it everyday.

don't touch your face 

Next don't touch your face so much. I know this probably sounds weird but our hands are usually dirty even when we cant see it. So try to resist touching your face as much as possible. 
Especially if you are prone to picking at your skin. I know that having a pimple sucks. But having a scar ten years from now and spending thousands on painful lasers to remove those scars will be much worse.

wash your face very well 

Wash your face thoroughly day and night and especially after the gym. After the gym we have all that sweat and salt on our skin and if we leave it there by not washing our faces well we will get zits. So get the dirt off well, wash your hair line and chin and don't miss a spot. 

exfoliate often

Lastly a point I touched on over in my other post all about my skincare routine is that you have to develop that healthy habit of exfoliating your face (and body) regularly.
We are constantly covered in dead skin making it hard for product to get to the new skin that needs it. When we exfoliate we remove that and allow products to engage properly as well as we remove those toxins left on the top layer of our skin.
Every time I exfoliate I feel more energized and fresh and the best part is your makeup goes on so much smoother. 
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what are some healthy habits to adopt

for weight loss?

So In the spirit of transparency here on "She is Ryan" I want to start by saying I am not a health coach or expert in any way. These are just habits that worked for me and that I've studied over the years and saw real results in me and my friends when implementing them. 

Intermittent fasting

When I found out about Intermittent Fasting (well call it "IF") I did a lot of research. The more i read the more i loved this idea. It can help you lose weight but alos helps the body to restore its self.
By not eating for a longer window of the day your body isn't busy working on digesting food but instead its removing toxins and getting a lot of other important chores done around the body clearing out waste. 

fasted cardio 

One other amazing trick I do for weight loss is I will workout before I break my fast. This is called "fasted cardio". It works wonders.
Because your body doesn't have food for it to burn off as you workout so to fuel its self it begins to eat away at your stored stubborn fat.
It's a great way to get the weight off quickly and to keep yourself very lean and healthy. But don't overdo it, always stay in tune with your body and break your fast directly after your workout. 

grocery Shop wisely

I feel the battle with wanting unhealthy food is not at the fridge, its at the grocery store. So go into battle prepared by shopping with a plan.
This is an amazing healthy habit to adopt. Prepare a list and make sure you eat well before going and drink a lot of water so your brain is focused on the task and not hunger. Don't wonder around after either, thats just torcher. 
Nine out of ten times if you don't buy it then you wont eat it. So just think of grocery shopping as a quick practice of self love.
You are there to get fuel for your vessel, so get the best fuel by doing this you are showing your body love.
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what are some healthy habits to adopt to feel more fit and energized?

When it comes to energy and just feeling more lit up and engaged in life i would say the first thing is good quality sleep which we've already covered.
Then you need the proper fuel. If you eat unhealthy food you will feel sluggish. Remember you are what you eat. 

foster a puppy 

But what we haven't gone over is movement. We as humans need to be moving. We were built to move and run and jump and thrive.
But in this world we sit a lot more than we should. As a blogger I sit a ton so I always have to combat that with moving.
Its one of my favorite reasons for fostering puppies, they keep me up and walking and playing. I've been fostering  for "pups without borders" for almost a year now and love it and it keeps my energy high. 

jump rope 

But if you don't have a puppy and you just feel a lack of energy you should try to go for walks, Jogs, or even jump rope.
I get up and jump rope for 5 mins whenever I feel sluggish and my energy gets low from sitting at the computer too long. Its like a espresso shot, works wonders and doesn't take much. I use this jump rope

get outside

Another thing I found that I had to consciously work on was getting outside more, especially during the pandemic. I realized then what a major effect it has on your mental state and your energy levels.
I sometimes just sit on my patio or i go to the grass nearby with my book and puppy. You don't have to go crazy just like 20 minutes but just get outside, focus on how beautiful the sun is and just be present.
Try to be in a mental state of gratitude. This works wonders for your energy and mood and its infectious to those around you. 

Breath deeply

I know many of you will think this is silly, But it has been scientifically proven that a few deep and long breaths have countless benefits.
When we breathe deeply we are getting more oxygen to our brains, we are slowing our heart rates down, we are calming our anxieties, and centering ourselves.
I do this thru out the day almost everyday. Its also a life changing this if you have ever suffered from anxiety like me.
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Well there you have it, the healthy habits to develop to get more energy and just feel more alive. Because we all deserve to feel amazing every single day. So I hope some of you try some of these suggestions and i hope you found this useful. 

Tell me in the comments below if you have any great healthy habits to adopt. I'd love to try them. 

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Thanks for reading.