10 Holy Grail Travel Toiletries To Always Pack

When I'm headed abroad I always wanna make sure I have my Holy Grail Travel Toiletries because in some countries they don't have things like face wash or they just aren't as easy to find. For example when I lived in Bali I quickly realized they didn't even have good hair shampoo or face wash choices and if you want hair conditioner forget about it.

Now after learning that lesson the hard way on so many trips I now always make sure to pack the items my skin and hair cant live without. 

So if you're headed out on a trip here are the top 10 Holy Grail Travel Toiletries you should have packed away in your bag on every trip.

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Holy Grail Travel Toiletries for

the face


Holy Grail Travel Toiletries #1

peter thomas roth hydra drench


This is my all time go to for moisture, its lightweight and I don't get on a plane without drenching my face in this. 

It's honestly the best thing for flights. I like to apply before and after the flight. It's also great if you get a sunburn. So if you can a tropical vacation coming up i suggest you have this packed away. 

Holy Grail Travel Toiletries #2

super goop powder sunblock

I never leave home without this product, Its a true life saver because you can apply it right over your makeup. I also use it over my face without any makeup sometimes too. 

I think everything goop is doing now a days is amazing. I wear there everyday body lotion all the time too. It actually gives the skin such a nice sheen. I highly recommend their products. 

Holy Grail Travel Toiletries #3

drunk elephants protini cream

This is the face lotion I always bring if I'm going to a place that is humid. Its light weight so it doesn't make you feel like you have a greasy face in humid weather. I use their other face lotions if I'm going somewhere dry or its winter time. But for the warmer vacations this is the best! 

I also always apply this when I'm flying too. Remember to always apply skincare before and not during the flight. 

Holy Grail Travel Toiletries #4

peter thomas roth water drench cleanser


This brand really has an amazing collection of skincare. I tried three different cleansers at once for a month. I rotated them and this cleanser was the winner.

It was the only one that got my makeup off in one cleansing. Its the strongest at removing impurities. This is my go to for my skincare travel essentials. 

Holy Grail Travel Toiletries #5

drunk elephants K-hydra serum

This product is a life saver. Its a must have at night. Usually when I travel my skin needs a lot of love due to the flight and then the changes in the water and weather at the destination.

So I always use this before bed when I'm away. To keep my skin comfortable in its new environment. 

Holy Grail Travel Toiletries for the hair

Holy Grail Travel Toiletries #1

shu uemura silk bloom shampoo

I've always noticed that many other countries don't seem to have as many shampoo options as America.

Or they have options I don't have a clue about or they are packaged in a language I cant understand. 

Another big thing about shampoo is that the water is different in each country so I feel washing your hair with something very moisturizing abroad is extremely important.

Thats why I always have my own shampoo in my bag and never use the ones the hotels provide.

Even at all the luxurious 5 star resorts I've stayed at I still have yet to feel great about using the shampoos they provide.

This is my go to choice as its extremely moisturizing. Its like lotion for the hair. 

Its great if you're headed to a third world country since most likely they will have Hard water and that drys out your hair. 

Holy Grail Travel Toiletries #2

t-3 1.5 inch curler

This Curling iron is so great! Its the best thing that ever happened to this jet setting hair lover! Because it has detachable barrels. So if you want a tight ringlet curl you can swap out the barrel. I almost always travel with the 1.5 inch because it gives big wavy curls and you can do a large piece of hair at once. When I'm traveling I like any product that helps me get ready faster so I can explore more. 

With this curler you can pack a few barrels and not have to worry to much about the weight or tons of chords. Dont forget your adaptor though!

Holy Grail Travel Toiletries #3

oribe superfine hair spray

If you like to run your fingers thru your hair like i do then you will know having the appropriate hair spray is key. The thing is they don't sell very many good ones anywhere but hair salons. 
So I always pack my own so I'm not stuck using a super sticky one from a drug store that will weight down my hair. This amazing light weight one by Oribe is the one I use for every photo shoot but it also smells amazing and guess what... it comes in a little travel size too. 
So snag one for your next trip somewhere amazing so you can keep your waves in tact. 

Holy Grail Travel Toiletries #4

alterna caviar conditioner 

I've tried every conditioner under the sun and this one works so well. The moment you wash it out you can feel the difference it makes immediately.

When I found out this came in a travel size I knew this would be my go to travel conditioner. 

Brining your own hair conditioner is probably the biggest must do when packing. Mainly because the water in other countries will just wreck your hair. 

I also don't recommend relying on the hotels conditioners either. Most are very greasy and will weigh down your hair.

Wether it is this conditioner or another brand I cant stress enough how vital it is to bring your own. 

Holy Grail Travel Toiletries #5

unite blonde hair oil

This is the best hair oil ever. Hands down. 

I tried the Moroccan oils and all the other fancy ones and they always left my hair so heavy and gross.

I gave up for ages on the idea of hair oils. Then my hair dresser used this one on me once after she cut mine and I was blown away at how it dried and felt non existent. 

My hair has never been the same since. If you want to keep your hair from getting dried out on trips this is the oil you need.

Luckily it comes in a travel size but the original size it packable too. 

Makes sure you only apply this on the ends. 

Well, there you have it the holy grail travel toiletries you should always have packed and ready to go. 

Let me know if I left anything out or if you have used any of these products let me know id love to hear. 

Safe travels beauties.

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by Ryan starr