Fall Pants For Women: The Trends Cuts And Colors Of The Season

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Right now in California, Where I live the weather is slowly going from sunny summer days to a bit crisper fall days, and I'm loving it. 
Seeing the leaves change and the wind blow is just the best feeling. 
I love all the layers and boots and chunky fall sweaters. Along with that, it's gonna be getting a little bit colder the closer we get to winter, so it's time to start thinking about pants.
So I've put together this collection of fall pants for women.
Here you will find options in several styles, like high-waisted, wide-legged, leather, and more.
fall pants for women 2022

fall pants for women: slacks

Slacks are probably my favorite pant style to wear, especially in the fall fashion season.
Most slacks are tailored, and I love their classic simple look.
Depending on the shoe you choose, you can also dress down a pair of slacks. Slacks with a belt will elevate a look, whereas, without a belt, it will give a casual look to them too.
Slacks also transition very well from day to night, and who doesn't love that!


sheisryan in fall pants for women

Fall Pants For Women: stirrup pants


So some of you may have different views on stirrup pants for fall fashion, but I am madly in love with the look. Stirrup pants and a high heel are just so sexy and chic.
Also, the stirrup design sets itself apart from the usual pants cut we all know. But it's unique in a very subtle way without making too much of a statement 
These pants look great paired with oversized chunky knit sweaters and high-heeled pumps.
They are an excellent choice for fall because it will be too cold in winter to wear them with heels (but you can still wear them inside your boots for winter as regular-looking pants)

fall pants for women on ryan starr

Fall Pants For Women: Jeans



Of course, jeans are a year-round staple for almost everyone. 
But when it comes to fall pants for women, it's important to factor in the different colors and cuts that are on trend for the fall fashion season.
 Right now, skinny jeans are on their way out, and the straight-leg and boot-cut jeans are on the rise, and I love it all. 
So these jeans I added here take fall colors and current cuts into consideration.

Fall Pants For Women: wide leg pants


Wide-legged pants for fall may seem strange because when we think of flowy wide-legged pants, we usually think of summer and crop tops. 
But I love to pair mine with chunky sweaters cinched in with a belt. Or a cropped wide leg with a high-heel booty is excellent too.
Don't overlook the wide legs as an option for women's fall pants. Think Relaxed Ralph Lauren look, creams, textures, and billowing wide legs of rich fabric.
ryan starr in fall pants for women

the belt

fall pants for women in leaves
burgundy fall pants for women

Fall Pants For Women: leather pants


Winter is just around the corner, so it's the perfect time to break in your leathers. 
When I think of colder weather fashion, I always think of the words "texture" and "layers."
I would do a fur vest, silk button-up, leather pants, and a chunky knit scarf for a perfect fall outfit.
Those four textures worn in the right fall color palette are a fall fashion hit! Leather pants are a must for fall pants for women.
fall pants for women in burgundy

Fall Pants For Women: patterned pants


Fall is the best fashion season to wear patterns. I'm not usually wearing patterned clothes, but if I do, it's always in a fall color palette, like burgundy, dark green, browns, and creams.
For patterns, I'm partial to plaid, velvet embroidering, and specific florals in fall colors.
Fall fashion is all about nature and the colors of the leaves changing, so think "foliage" and heritage pieces.
fall pants for women

The Perfect Bag

Well, that's it for my fall pants for women. I hope this gave you some inspiration for your next textured and layered luxe-looking fall fashion look.
Tell me in the comments below if I missed a type of pants you feel I should have included. I wanna know! 
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Thanks for reading. 

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By Ryan Starr