How To Use The Power of Silence in Conflict

The power of silence can be so powerful but most of us forget to utilize it. We are taught that communication is the only way. I agree that healthy communication is very important but I also think we should not overlook the power of silence and how it can work effectively in certain situations.

silence helps conflict

using the power of silence

Once I started doing this, it changed everything for me. I used to always respond in milliseconds and nine out of ten times my responses were filled with emotions and irrational thoughts. Once I started to stop and take a minute to myself in silence, that stopped happening. I began to think clearly.

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silence is power

As a human, I of course crave communication. Sometimes I feel this deep need to speak my mind in hopes that it will solve everything. What I don't think of usually, is just trying to be silent in the face of conflict or any big decisions I must make. I feel like in life, we are all so trained to think communication is the key to everything. Now don't get me wrong, I believe communication is a vital part of successful relationships of all forms.  But, I also believe that silence can be just as important. It helps me to think clearly when communication doesn't. Silence helps me find perspective. Sometimes I just simply shut my phone off for a bit and I sit in silence. Away from everyone. Away from distractions. I just relax into my thoughts.

power in silence

At first, I felt weird. I've always been an extremely vocal kinda person so it felt abnormal to be silent. I had to teach myself to feel the change it had on my mood and thoughts. I think for me turning my phone off was the hardest. I guess we don't realize how addicted we are to constant communication until we disconnect it all. 
Now I crave that silence immediately when I feel emotional. I know now the second I feel my heart racing it means I need to unplug and be in silence. For me, it has been a huge improvement in my communication skills. Isn't it ironic if you think about it? Not communicating helps communication. You really have to try this. Try turning off your phone and just enjoying the silence of the present moment instead of responding to that coworker who made you frustrated or that partner you can't seem to get to understand you.
I also feel like learning to control the initial want to react verbally when in conflict can change your level of confidence. i know for me i feel so much better about myself when I'm not reactive and im not speaking from emotion instead of logic. That's what the power of silence does when you use it correctly. 
Hope this helps, I know for me, It's been a game changer.

staying silent in conflict

This was a post about the power of silence in conflict

by ryan starr.