Luxury Accessories Worth Investing In And What luxury Items To Avoid

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When I bought my first luxury accessory, I didn't consider if it was one of the luxury accessories worth investing in. All I was thinking about was how much I liked it and how beautiful I thought it was. 
It was a Louis Vuitton patent leather clutch in the color burgundy. The metal parts were rose gold, and the interior was a silk material. 
It also came with a strap for the option of making it a cross-body bag.
I had saved up for ages to buy it and I'll never forget the thrill of going into the store and not just window shopping like I usually did, but instead walking out with my very own Louis. 
But, looking back, buying this bag was the absolute worst decision in so many ways, let me explain.
luxury accessories worth investing in

Firstly, a patent leather handbag is a unique material that is not really for the masses. Then silk as the interior material is so delicate. Also rose gold for the metals, again not a very popular choice. 
A year later, I had grown bored of this bag and had worn it with every imaginable outfit I could find. I then stopped wearing it and wanted to get rid of it. But this wasn't the sort of piece that you give to charity. This bag was a few thousand dollars when I bought it. 
Of course, I wanted to sell it and hopefully make back some of what I spent on it.

That was when I realized what a horrible investment I had made. I had chosen a color, interior material, size, and metals that aren't easy to resell.
It took me ages to sell it, and I didn't sell it for even a quarter of what I purchased it for.

The moral of the story is that it's essential to learn which luxury items are suitable  investments.
So that later down the line, you get a decent return on your investment. Because as much as you love a luxury item when you buy it, your feelings towards it will most likely will change as time passes, and you may want to resell it.
As you look for your next big luxury purchase, things like the resell value should always be kept in mind along with color, size, brand, etc.  
So I've done some leg work for you and picked some luxury items that will do well if you decide to resell. I've also included a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when shopping for luxury pieces.
women walking with a luxury accessories worth investing in

luxury accessories that are worth

the investment:

#1 luxury handbags 


Do some handbags hold their value?

When it comes to handbags you really have to understand how quickly trends can change. While at the same time understanding that some pieces are classic and will always be on trend (like the ever chic "Hermes Kelly bag").
The Hermes Kelly bag can range from $3000 to $30,000. These bags are still highly sought after decades after they were first introduced and they still have amazing resell value.
Some styles get more valuable with age too. Making the Hermes Kelly bag the perfect example of a luxury accessory worth investing in (if you have that sorta money). 

Do trendy bags hold

their value?

But not all bags are like the Kelly bag. Most bags are short lived trends. Because each season trends change and each year they come out with new colors that are the years most popular and shapes and sizes change with trends as well.
So what you wanna do is learn to invest in luxury accessories that aren't trendy. Instead, look for bags that are in classic colors, shapes and brands that hold their value.
They will achieve a higher re-sell value than any trendy bag after the trend has passed. So, keeping these tips in mind. Here are a few classic bags that would be amazing investments. 


a black luxury accessories worth investing in

what makes a

luxury handbag worth

 investing in?

What Louis Vuitton

bag is the perfect investment bag?

This black on black matte Louis Vuitton Capucine hand and crossbody bag is an excellent investment bag. 
Firstly, because black is always a classic and black on black is even better. Making this bag a great choice for reselling if I want in the future.
This is also a very sought after shape. I know because I did the research on this particular bag and found it was was very popular.
Researching a bags popularity is a very wise move if you plan to invest in luxury. 
The material is a deer skin leather which is very delicate which is the one down side if I plan to keep it for many years.
I will have to take extra care if this one because of this but its worth it because the material is very popular. 

What about materials of bags?

So keep the material you choose in mind. As a tip I would stay away from Suedes or any bag that has a silk or cloth interior.
Louis Vuitton has a line of Bags in an amazing leather called "Epi" and
I have a few of them and they are a great material choice in terms of long term wear.
Mine are a few years old and still look brand new. 

helpful tip:

The best luxury brands to invest in are Dior, Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. They normally hold their value the best and are easier to resell. Some items even go up in value if you choose the right classic piece.
women with black handbag luxury accessories worth investing in

Luxury Accessories

Worth The Investment:

#2 luxury belts

Belts are one of the best luxury accessory to invest in but not just for the re-sale value but more because they elevate almost any outfit.
So if you buy mostly affordable clothing but still want to achieve a luxury look this is my favorite way.
You can jazz up any affordable Zara outfit with a great luxury belt. 

What should I look for when investing in a luxury belt?

1- Make sure you get a size that can fit your hips and waist so you have more options
2- I would get black, or tan. These colors compliment the darks and lights and will go with about anything in your wardrobe and will be easier to re-sell down the line. 
3- Make sure if you are going to get one with a logo that its a logo that wont be out of fashion anytime soon.
Like the Gucci belt with the logo above, that logo is not going out of style anytime soon. Making it an accessory worth investing in. 
4- Lastly, the newest trend of making belts reversible (like the Valentino one included above) is great because you get two belts in one.
I highly recommend investing in one of these belts. 
They are worth every penny with how much wear you will get out of them due to the two color ways. 


Luxury Accessories Worth The Investment:

#3 luxury watches

How to know which luxury watches to invest in?

An amazing luxury accessory worth investing is a timepiece.

These small but mighty accessories can double in value in some cases if you understand their value before buying.

There are a lot of luxury brands like Dior or Chanel who make gorgeous watches but they wont hold their value.


Which luxury brands are the best for investing in a watch?

Brands like Rolex, Cartier, and Audemars Piguet hold their value.

These watches are not cheap but they are an amazing investment. Ive had my Rolex for 4 years and it's almost doubled in value. 

What to look for when buying a luxury watch?

If you plan to buy a watch I highly recommend doing months of research and learning about watches.

Paying close attention to the year it was made, the style of clock face, and the type of metal it is made in.

Some years will hold a higher value than others and the metals can change in value due to the current trends in the market. 

Also make sure to keep original documents and any purchase papers, appraisals, boxes, and insurances on these items.

They will come in handy and help with the value when it comes time to resell. 

the luxury accessories worth investing in:

#4 sunglasses

Sunglasses are a no-brainer when it comes to luxury accessories worth investing in. They can elevate any outfit.
From jeans with a white t-shirt or a pantsuit, luxury sunglasses will jazz it up and make you look chic instantly.
The best part is that they won't break the bank like a purse or watch.
The main thing about sunglasses is they don't have a tremendous resell value unless you take excellent care of your glasses and buy more classic ones.
I like to pair my luxury sunglasses with affordable clothing. Making an entire outfit feel more expensive.
I think they are worth the investment due to that alone.
You can resell them if they are in good condition. So if you are buying luxury glasses, keep them in their box and try not to drop them.
For me, this is near impossible because I'm a klutz and drop everything, but I try.


So there you have it. The best luxury accessories to invest in.

I hope these tips and suggestions helps you next time you find yourself ready to invest in luxury items.

Because as fun as shopping is it's even more fun when it's done with intention back by knowledge and research. 

If you have anymore tips please let me know in the comments below or if you found any of these tips really helpful I'd love to know. 

Thanks for reading, Ryan. 

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By Ryan Starr