There are millions of products on the market in the beauty world. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. So even though I am not a beauty blogger per say. I wanted to create a simple straigh forward space here for you to find the beauty products that I have personally used for months (some for years) that have really worked. Hopefully it can help with the frustrations of trying to navigate shopping in the beauty world. 

I've included skincare, haircare and makeup for you. Also I added a few of my personal tips I've used and seen great results with and just some daily and weekly habits that helped in the beauty department. Leave a comment and tell me if you've tried any of the products and if they have worked for you. 

my skincare tips

I take my skincare very seriously. I wear sunblock everyday and use a powder sunblocks to re-apply over my makeup later in the day. I exfoliate my skin a few times a week. I've found this really helps keep it glowy and helps my skincare really get deep. I highly highly recommend exfoliation. I use a facial exfoliator and then for my body I use body wash and exfoliating gloves.

 At night I use a special serum and a very gentle retinol and moisturizer. I've listed only products here that after ages of trial and error I found these particular ones to really work.



my haircare routine

I've had long hair my whole life and I've always taken good care of it. It's a full time job keeping hair healthy. Especially when you like to lighten it like me.

 I always have my hairdresser add olaplex when she colors my hair. This is a game changer for me. I also deep condition it about twice a month. I put on my oribe hair mask when its dry so I can tell what parts its on) and I sleep with it overnight. I also get trims every few months. i dont cut my hair often and i don't dye my hair often.

 I do a coloring style called "balayage" and it's perfect for keeping your hair healthy because as it grows out it looks even better. super natural and not much upkeep. so your hair doesn't have to go thru the bleaching too much. I do mine 2-3x a year.



my makeup tips

Ok so I wanna be really honest here. I am not beauty blogger. But when I was on television for years after American Idol I had a full time personal makeup artists that traveled with me. Thank god because I was a tomboy who didn't know how to apply makeup. She taught me a lot (love ya sam). I use what she taught me to this day. I've listed some of the things here I've used for years.

For the most part I don't wear a ton of makeup. But when I do use it I like to find products that keep my skin feeling healthy and for it to not look caked on. I use a primer, then beauty blender and very soft brushes. I like to keep my eyebrows fluffy with gel and a brow pen and I always opt for a dewy finish than a matte one.

I love to wear lip balms by Nars like this one or a moisturizing gloss that ISN'T sticky. My biggest tip here would be to exfoliate you skin then use a great primer (i use this one by Charlotte tilbury) before any makeup and it will go on so much smoother. 


Well, there you go. Sweet and simple just how i prefer my beauty routine to be. 
But if you want even more detailed information on my beauty routines, I've written in depth posts. One on all things skincare here and all things haircare here.
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Thanks for reading!