Perfume Tips For Sensitive Noses You Needed To Know

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For most of my life, I couldn't handle the smells of most perfumes.
I would usually feel sick within minutes of putting it on and have to wash it off.
I rarely ever even wore them because of this. 
But I've slowly learned a thing or two about perfume and love it now.
I wear it all the time and happy to report I don't get headaches anymore. 
So I want to share the perfume tips for sensitive noses that helped me on my perfume journey.
ryan starr with gucci guilty perfume

what does "Eau de parfume" and "Eau de toilette" mean?

I'm sure you have seen the terms "Eau de perfume" or "Eau de toilette" before and yes its french.
But what does it mean? Translates to english it means "water of scent" and "water of toilet".  

What is the difference between

eau de parfume and Eau de toilette?

The names are different due to the amount of oil (scent) in each bottle. The perfume version will be about 12-18% oils.
Making it much stronger than the toilette version, which is only 5-8% oils and water mostly.
Hence the toilette word, which translates to water of the toilette because it doesn't smell as strong. 

perfume tip for sensitive noses:

If you're sensitive to strong smells choose a "toilette". 
ryan starr with gucci perfume

gucci guilty

pour femme (women)

How do you store  perfume so it lasts longer?

When I think of a beautiful bottle of perfume I think of it on display on a dresser or bathroom counter top.
But in fact perfumes should not be out in the light.
Definitely not in the bathroom because of the vast temperature changes and humidity. It destroys them. 
They should be stored in a mini fridge or cold place and especially away from the light.
The light can make perfumes expire at a much faster rate. 
So if you want your perfume to last here are the best places.
  • refrigerator
  • inside a dresser drawer
  • closet
  • kitchen cabinet  
  • The original box is great too. 

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how much perfume should i spray and where?

Deciding how much perfume to spray has to do with a few things. 
Firstly are you using a "Parfume" or a "Toilette" because one is much stronger than the other, as mentioned above?
Next, are you extremely sensitive, or can you tolerate scents well? 
Me, I like to spray it on my neckline and in my hair. 
I find spraying it on my hair keeps the smell locked in, and who doesn't like great-smelling hair?
The other popular areas to spray or dab scents would be all the pleasure points.
Behind the ears, nape of the neck, neckline, behind the knees, and the elbow crease.
But of course, I wouldn't recommend doing them all. That's just offensive.

Perfume Tip For Sensitive Noses:

Try placing it on the back of your knees or elbow creases as they aren't closest to your nose.

ryan starr with perfume
ryan starr with guilty perfume
women with a perfume for sensitive noses

how to make your perfume smell last

 all day? 

The best ways to keep the scent going longer are to spray your hair, or if you want, you can spray your clothing.
I only wear a few scents so spraying my clothing is fine sometimes (I don't recommend doing this often, though).
But if you wear several perfumes and rotate frequently, don't spray your clothes.
When you dab or spray your perfume, remember not to rub your wrists together or touch where you placed it. It will breaks down the scent and it won't last as long.
Also, choosing a stronger Eau de parfume will last longer, but beware, it may give you a headache if you have a sensitive sense of smell.

Perfume Tip For Sensitive Noses:

Spraying your clothing can be good perfume hack because the smell will fade and the next time you wear it the scent will be light enough to possible not need more.

white slip dress

women with a light perfume

my favorite


How do i avoid

getting headaches from my perfumes?

While I can't speak for everyone, I will say that I was one of those unlucky girls who got horrible headaches from perfumes.
But a few years ago, In the South of France I met the owner of the famous French parfumerie "Maison Gadot."
Her shop had been around since 1908, and they make "natural" perfumes from local flowers that are applied with a small droplet applicator instead of a spray.
She explained that my previous perfumes were synthetic (lab-made) and might be the cause of my headaches.
So I bought a bottle of "Maison Gadot"[ and haven't had a headache since.
After a year or two of wearing natural french perfume, I also began wearing synthetic ones, and I'm fine now with either.

If you're getting headaches from your perfumes, I recommend looking into the ingredients.
Most perfumes are a mix of synthetic and natural ingredients, so it could be the type of perfume and not your sense of smell.
Lastly, to avoid headaches don't spray it on before getting into a car. You need to give it a minute to breathe, start slow with one spray from far away and build up to a few over time.

Perfume Tip For Sensitive Noses:

Check the ingredients of your perfume and maybe think of switching to an all natural one to see if it helps with headaches.

I really hope these Perfume tips and tricks help you with perfume, like they did for me.
If you have any tips that I missed or perfumes that we should all try please leave it in the comments below. I love to hear all your tips too. 
Thanks for reading,

this was a post about perfume tips and tricks 
By Ryan Starr