How to Overcome Your Fears for Good

Haven't you always wanted to know how to overcome your fears? I know i had always wanted to. But that can sometimes be easier said than done. I know for me I've had countless time I've failed and let my fears get the best of me. So when I finally overcame a massive one I thought I'd share it with all of you in the hope that someone might find it helpful here. 
So in 2017 I had one of those fork in the road kinda years. You know the kind where your life takes a huge turn you didnt expect. I remember I'd started my year off celebrating New Year's Eve in Paris where I had been living. All in all, those first few months were amazing. I absolutely loved living in Paris and making music in london, life was good. But as all good things must shift when destiny chooses. I found myself being pulled back to California. Now don't get me wrong I love California I feel so lucky that I get to call Venice beach my hometown.
But at this point I had been traveling abroad alone for years and needed to come back to renew my visa and tie up some loose ends. But, I also really missed the familiarity of just being back in the place I grew up. I never had any plan at all of staying in America when I came back to renew my visa.  For me, it was a quick stop in and out of America just for my visa. That's when fate stepped in and flipped the script on me in a massive way that I could have never expected.

overcome fears

I decided to stay in America to try my hand at becoming a content creator. I wanted to start a blog and Youtube channel and create a whole new social media presence. Which I must say, terrified the hell out of me. Because up until then, I had an extremely private life on social media. So, this all meant a massive shift in my entire way of living.
I was a little overwhelmed to say the least. But friends had been pushing me to explore this career option for years due to the unique life I had been living for so many years traveling nonstop and working in the music/tv industry.
I knew deep down this career switch could possibly bring me the dream life I always wanted. So I went for it and decided not to move back to Paris and instead spend the rest of the year learning a new craft. Starting completely over in a field I knew very little about.

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So here I am today writing on my very own site. It started out as something fun for me but has now become my biggest passion. I can't believe how right my friends were about me being so suited for this field. I'll admit it's hard work, but I absolutely love it. That all being said, this entire career move was all an act of blind courage. Mixed with continued trial and error and constant reminders not to give up just because I was filled with fears.
overcome your fears for good
Have you ever had that nagging feeling of knowing you need to take a huge risk?  But you were scared? I definitely did. But I also know that in life if you give your all to something you cannot fail. It's about giving your all and just not quitting! It's about diving head first into the deep end. I know sometimes taking big risks can be scary but we only have one existence on this amazing planet. I don't know about you, but I plan to fill that existence with as many adventures and challenges as possible. In the midst of that is where we learn as humans. So I say, always go for it if you feel your heart and destiny calling you towards it. I know it's scary. We've all been there. But take the risk. Life is short.

get past your fears

Boy oh boy, let me tell you if I could write out all the doubts and worries I had about myself on a moment to moment basis it would blow your mind. I spent months telling myself "I will be bad at blogging" or "I don't know how to do this YouTube thing" or "I'll never be as good as them". But then one day I just got fed up. Fed up with my inner voice running the show and I guess my curiosity overcame my self-doubts. I started to actually listen to that tiny little voice whispering "but what if you're amazing and this is your destiny". That was it, I was off and running. From then on every single time I had a doubt I just would just get right back up like every other time and push forward. Doubts are a normal part of taking risks and pursuing new passions. They are the essence of what makes it a challenge. Consider it your first of many hurdles. If you can learn to overcome the inner voice of doubts then you have already started the practice of perseverance.

leave your fears for good

So as all new ventures start: I failed the first, second, and third time. It sucked. I'm not gonna lie, I was beyond frustrated and overwhelmed. It seemed daunting to be starting a new career. But going back to what I said before, it was just a hurdle. I remembered that doubting myself would come with every failure so I just kept ignoring my doubts and listening to my curiosity.

What would happen if I didn't give up and this actually worked? So I kept going. I kept learning. I kept changing and growing. Slowly the doubts subsided and I started to see the progress of my small triumphs over my failures. Slowly I stopped failing and instead started winning. The scale started to tip. I guess that's really all it takes. Just failing and then having a bit of a break, but ultimately not stopping.

Listen I don't know about you but I can get really uncomfortable with big changes. I always get horrible anxiety and then fear the worst will happen. So obviously this massive career change had me shaking in my boots in every way. But I can't tell you enough how if you just push past the fears and the "what if's," it's like some sorta holy land on the other end of it all.

Change may be hard and seriously terrifying but I swear, it's all worth it. I couldn't be happier, humbly learning all about this new path I am on. Every day I face a new change and every day I love it more and more. It's wildly empowering. I think I may actually be learning to enjoy the changes.